WT - 1What is the point in having an online presence (website, blog or a social media page) if you do not have the interest or the tools to conduct an analysis? The whole purpose of having an online presence is to draw attention to your brand. Without proper website traffic analysis, you will be unable to determine whether your online presence is effective in increasing sales. For those who have an online presence, website traffic analysis is an incredibly invaluable service.

Hopefully, the first paragraph will have made you understand the need for website traffic analysis. Now, you are ready to use analysis tools. For starters, you could visit the Alexa website, which is a highly respected and accurate monitoring tool. By simply submitting your website’s URL, you can identify your website’s rank among the millions of websites in the virtual world. The site offers several other tools as well. By using these tools to analyze your website traffic every few days, you will benefit immensely.

A critical tool you must employ is the website traffic counter. Several sites offer free, invisible website traffic counters. However, this tool is not sufficient if you are serious about traffic analysis. Therefore, you are recommended to invest in paid software. In addition to tracking website traffic, such software can provide detailed statistics.

By simply performing a simple online search, you can find several effective website analytic tools. Some of the objectives of these tools are:

  • Generate greater website traffic
  • Determine the probability of existing customers making a purchaseGraph
  • Personalize the experience for recurring website visitors
  • Monitor the geographic locations of website visitors
  • Manage the customer database
  • Design promotional strategies