You are probably wondering -why should I use social media for my business? This article should settle your concerns. Social media is a consumer-driven media that allows people to exchange information with one another through the internet. It is designed to be shared. What does this mean? A quick look at social media provides the answers:

  • One can easily comment on posts and topics
  • One can easily share information with his/her contacts
  • It does not cost a paisa to view the media
  • It is always accessible to someone with an internet-enabled device

The act of engaging with large communities in cyberspace is known as social networking. Some popular communities are Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Social networking communities are incredibly popular with today’s folks for the following reasons:

  • Making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends
  • Re-discovering forgotten relationships
  • Sharing opinions, photos and videos
  • Becoming a part of community groups

So, we now come to the question – why should you use social media for your business? If you are aware of what’s happening around you, you should know that social media communities are very popular among Indians in the 18-40 age group. In other words, social media communities are a hit with people who have purchasing capacity. Wouldn’t you like these people to be aware of your business?

In every nation on earth, companies are jumping onto the social media bandwagon. They know that social media can help in:

  • Establishing a reputable brand
  • Connecting with the customers personally
  • Reaching out to otherwise unreachable people
  • Building trust and ensuring relevance