In all probability, you do not need an explanation about the term social media marketing (SMM). After all, you know what social media sites are as you probably use themSocial-icons daily. You should also be aware of the basic concepts of marketing, as you face a barrage of marketing campaigns on a daily basis – in newspapers, on television and on billboards. Nonetheless, let us state the obvious:

“Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”

Social Stream Marketing on Facebook: A Case Study by C. Trattner & F. Kappe

Such marketing campaigns focus on creating attractive content that will induce internet users to share it with their social networks. Powered by word-of-mouth, this type of marketing presumably has a greater impact since the messages are driven by a trusted third-party source and not the brand itself.

The beauty of social media platforms is that they are accessible to any individual with internet access and an internet-enabled device. Hence, it is hardly surprising that there are at least a billion internet users participating across all social media sites! Through SMM techniques, an organization can connect with these users effortlessly and inexpensively. Is it any wonder then that every organization serious about internet marketing has at least a website, a blog or a Facebook page?